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  • “Cardholder” person that has been using SorexPay services by his/she’s banks debit/credit card;
  • "Client ", "you" the legal entity entering into relationship with SorexPay;
  • "Fees" any fee payable by the Client;
  • "Merchant Account" Account held on Site with Client's full details of the each Transactions and the balance with descriptions of its availability and holds;
  • “Service” means acquiring services or any payment services which are made available by us;
  • "Service Agreement" legal document signed between SorexPay and the Client for providing specific payment services to the Client and Cardholders;
  • "Site" website through which SorexPay payment services has been provided;
  • “Transaction” each money transfer that Cardholder initiate by using SorexPay payment services;

By accessing any part of the Site you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions along with our other policies and agreements. If you do not agree with any part of them then you should stop using the Site immediately. We reserve the right to amend the contents of the Site, these terms and conditions or any of our policies from time to time. Any changes will be posted on the Site. Please check these policies on regular bases.

Use of the SorexPay Services
In order to become a Client and provide SorexPay services to Client’s Cardholders you shall set all relevant Service Agreements with SorexPay. To get your application approved you shall providing all of the information requested. A Client must maintain an active legal entity with relevant contact information. Client should notify of any changed details by providing supporting documents to In order to Cardholder use full service of SorexPay Client’s Cardholders shall precede KYC procedure at Client’s end as SorexPay according to Service Agreement requires from Client to maintenance full due diligence of their Cardholders. At any time, SorexPay may ask Client to complete additional verification features to authenticate Cardholders’ identity. Client can use SorexPay Services up to the amount of the available balance for transactions at Merchant Account. If the available balance is insufficient to receive the acquired funds to the Client’s bank account, the request shall be submitted at SorexPay may at any time suspend the functionality of Client account if SorexPay suspects that its action fall under fraudulent or suspicious activities within Cardholder behaviour. The terms and conditions of this Agreement as well as fees shall apply to all Clients. The value of each transaction and the amount of any fees or charges payable by you under Service Agreement will be deducted from the available balance with SorexPay.

Account Activity
In order to us to acquire the funds from Cardholders Client will be attached to specific gate according to the Compliance Team’s decision. You may choose any payment services provided by SorexPay as long as you comply with specific services requirements. You must also complete the information requested, including passing all identity and security validation and verification checks. We will make available the funded funds to your account withholding all fees according to chosen specific payment method. Cardholders’ deposited funds will be credited to Merchant Account immediately once SorexPay has received approve from the bank. Some transactions, such as those by credit/debit cards will be credited to your account immediately, but are subject to reversal in case the actual funds have been required as a charge back. You may require funds transfers between accounts by submitting request to Your account will be debited with any applicable Fees at the time and transferred accordingly. The amount of any transfer or bank deposit received will be credited to your Merchant Account balance, less any applicable Fees. Before making transfer or requesting a pay-out you may check your balance at any time and make sure that your balance is enough to cover transfer and the fees.

Fees and Limits
Client is subject of each Cardholder’s transaction fees and Merchant Account will be charged accordingly. Fees and limits are indicated within the Service Agreement. If you are not clear of what fees might apply, please contact our Client Support Team prior to completing any transaction.

SorexPay may stop provide any services if Client do not comply with these terms and conditions and the Service Agreements conditions or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you are using Services for any improper purpose, including (but not limited to) fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity. You have the right to cancel any orders before transfer has been made. You may exercise this right by: All disclaimers, indemnities and exclusions in these terms and conditions shall survive termination of the agreement between us for any reason.

Contacting Us
If you have any questions about SorexPay provided services or any of your dealings with us, you can contact us via e-mail at or via the "Contact Us" page on our Site.